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Join our two week theatre camp from 13th  -  24th July 2020

Within this 2-week summer camp students will be emerged into a unique theatrical experience that will unlock their true performance potential through professional theatrical training and personal development. Throughout this journey students will go through the process of what it takes from start to finish to put on a full-scale production by the end of the camp. Through these workshops students will learn everything from stage management, performance skills, dance choreography, script writing, dance technique, character development, physical theatre, improvisation, vocal skills, blocking and direction. 

Benefits of performing arts 

The performing arts are a powerful complement to language study. They are also an excellent tool for allowing students to express themselves, develop critical thinking skills, enhance self-confidence and improve the life skill of improvisation. Working towards a theatrical performance requires self-discipline, commitment an teamwork, all of which will help students with their on-going development.

As well as this, students will grow personally through;

  • Building confidence

  • Exercise and expanding their imagination

  • Strengthening their focus, concentration and memory

  • Improving their posture and coordination

  • Communication skills in speech and presentation

  • Understanding what it really means to work in a team

  • Making friends

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